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Saminda Ranawaka

Saminda began his career as a graphic designer and motion graphic artist, and he later progressed to become a TV commercial director and producer in Sri Lanka.

He has held various positions in the media industry, including instructor, lecturer, and judge. Saminda has a proven track record of developing highly acclaimed media campaigns and websites.

His expertise also lies in graphic and motion design software, as well as the innovative web development platform Webflow.

Saminda's move to Cambridge was driven by his passion for research, holding a first-class honours degree in filmmaking and a PhD in image studies and narratology.


Saminda Ranawaka

Thisath is the go-to person for communications and client services at Invoke Design Studio. With his friendly interpersonal skills, he understands client needs and helps turn them into visually compelling designs.

Thisath's knack for managing complex projects and meeting deadlines, honed through his experience as a publication officer at Cambridge University College, makes him a reliable asset to our team.

Not to mention, Thisath's educational background in politics and international relations brings a fresh perspective to our projects. His passion for global dynamics gives our designs a valuable edge and ensures we resonate with audiences from all walks of life.

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